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Athena Clinics – Improving Plastic Surgery Worldwide

Improving Plastic Surgery Worldwide

You could travel the world tracking down and seeking advice from the world’s leading experts, or if you prefer, choose Athena Clinics and we’ll do the legwork for you. Using the state-of-the-art CosMentor Tele-mentoring system, our doctors collaborate with trusted colleagues from around the world, beginning with your initial plan and continuing to your final follow-up.

Rest assured, we are looking out for you every step of the way.

Focused, dedicated care.

Our physicians will honestly address the many options available to you, accurately describe the procedure you’ve selected, and provide the talent and experience for a successful result.

Commitment to quality.

Our team of international experts makes sure that we have access to the most comprehensive information to give you the best advice for your specific case.

Faculty Group

This Month’s Featured Faculty Member

Robert Flowers

Dr. Flowers is held in very high esteem by everyone in the plastic surgery community and enjoys an international reputation as one of the finest in our field. He has made major contributions to the field through a never-ending search for solutions to surgical problems and has generously shared his insights and techniques with all […]

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Unlimited Access

At Athena Clinics, you’ll have unlimited access to the information you need to conduct as much research as you desire.

Please email us at athenaclinic@gmail.com

A Continuum of Care

Mind, Body & Spirit.

Athena Clinics are a lifestyle network of beauty, health and wellness clinics throughout the world.

Offering a range of professional services, from aesthetic surgery to educational programs, the Clinics are places of rejuvenation, restoration, and rebirth.

Dedicated to developing the contemporary mind, body, and spirit, each Clinic is staffed by world-class surgeons, physicians, and practitioners.