Unprecedented Access to the World's Best Plastic Surgeons

Why Not The Best?

Athena Clinics caters to the needs of all our patients, and it is our mission to provide the care that best suits your goals and lifestyle. Each of our clinics provides care at the highest level, and offers you access to the finest experts in the world. Each of our VIP packages is tailored to your individual needs and desires. Which VIP package matches you the best?

Ultra VIP

For some patients, only the best will do (you know who you are!). For these patients, no expense is too great, and they demand and deserve the best care that money can buy. Fortunately, Athena Clinics offers direct access to the world’s leading experts. Even better, you can work with one of our doctors to help you select the experts that are the best for your goals. We will then arrange VIP treatment for you at the finest surgeons for you, no matter where they are in the world. In some cases, arrangements can even be made for the experts to visit a clinic near you. For VIP concierge service, click here.

Busy VIP

For those who want access to the best, but cannot afford the time to travel, Athena Clinics brings their expertise to you. You will work with your local Athena Clinics doctor to formulate a plan, and your doctor will then collaborate with the world’s experts to customize your treatments to your own anatomy and personal preferences. From beginning to end, your treatment will be personalized. To take the next step, click here.

Classic VIP

If access to the world’s experts is outside your price range, rest assured that your doctor will still collaborate with other colleagues and experts, assuring you of excellent care. Click here to contact an Athena Clinic near you.

Please email us at athenaclinic@gmail.com

Please email us at athenaclinic@gmail.com

Please email us at athenaclinic@gmail.com