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The latter simply had many

The latter simply had many of its most effective policies usurped.The Liberal Party seems to have disappeared, its august granite pillars of fiscal rectitude turning to sand and left vulnerable to the electoral winds. It’s best argument is a mere vestige a surplus in 2020 21 funded by the normal mix of optimistic revenue growth and a still higher than average spending to GDP ratio. It is, in any event, what most budgets project.The party of the debt and deficit disaster and the spending not revenue problem, which positioned as anti Gonski, anti bank tax, and ambivalent on the NDIS, has flipped.Suddenly fairness is the primary metric of economic policy a subjective measurement the Coalition bristled indignantly at in the brutal aftermath of its 2014 15 budget.The hardline Morrison has affected an astonishing shape shift, from the warrior stopping the boats to the saviour stopping the exodus of votes.The comprehensiveness of the Coalition’s ideological retreat marks arguably the largest systematic reversal in recent political history.

The consumer price index rose 0.2 percent in March, the Labor Department said Friday. Inflation moved at that same pace in February, which ended three straight monthly declines caused largely by falling oil and gasoline prices.Prices at the pump rose 3.9 percent in March, contributing along with other sectors to a small dose of inflation. Still, gas remains relatively cheap, falling roughly 33 percent over the past year to an average price of $2.41 a gallon, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge.

A 1995 Bentley Brooklands and a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud are part of the foundation fleet and on the floor at the car show. The real showstopper is a 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith on loan from the manufacturer. It the fastest and most powerful Rolls Royce ever built and it isn cheap.

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A lot extra” EM: “do you know how much extra? JH: “a little over $500” AND HE NOT THE ONLY ONE PAYING FOR A SPOT. BB: “I got me a parking permit and I live here so I just try and get a spot as early as I can.” EM: “can you tell me how much you paying for your parking permit?” BB: “Eighty five dollars and ninety two cents, I believe” AND FOR EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY TWO CENTS BROCK BELL CAN ONLY PARK IN THIS LOT HERE NEXT DOOR TO HIS DORM. BUT SOME STUDENTS ARE TURNING TO OTHER METHODS LIKE BIKES TO SAVE SOME CASH AND STILL GET AROUND ON CAMPUS.

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