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Category: Recent Featured Faculty

Brian Kinney

Dr. Kinney combines his engineering background with his extensive training in plastic surgery to keep himself at the forefront of advances in medical technology.  He is recognized as the leading technology consultant for the American Society of Plastic Surgery and is a well respected leader of multiple organizations.   His practice is situated in Beverly Hills, the epicenter of plastic surgery, and he applies his knowledge of the latest innovations in his busy full-service plastic surgery practice.  

Robert Peterson

Dr. Peterson has been fascinated with lasers and electronics from the time he tried to build a laser as a science project in elementary school.  This interest led to studies and research in radioastronomy and graduate school in electrical engineering prior to enrolling in medical school.  This background gives him a unique perspective and understanding of how biological systems interact with RF energy in devices like Thermage, Pelleve, Refirme, and other RF systems.  

Nikolay Serdev

Sofia Bulgaria

Dr. Serdev has pioneered new technique in suture lifts of the face and body, allowing seemingly magical transformations with minimal downtime and essentially no scarring. At international meetings, he frequently dazzles the assembled surgeons with these seemingly simple techniques, and has dilligently attempted to share his insights at meetings and through teaching preceptor ships.

Preecha Tiewtranon

Bangkok Thailand

Dr. Preecha has advanced the techniques of transgender surgery to a real art form; he and his team have performed transformations of the lives of over 6000 transgender patients. His Preecha Aesthetic Institute is a world-wide center for these procedures.